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Member Management

This software best manages and operates memberships. It allows you to add members, facilitate customized membership plans, and engage members in various activities. This swim club management system also helps restrict access and terminate members on overdue dates. 

Biometric Integration and Analysis

This software is known for excellent performance in biometric integration and operation. It allows you to manage door access, control time, and monitor attendance by biometric scanning. This swimming club membership software makes the process accurate, versatile, and time-saving. 

SMS Alert

The swimming pool billing software issues SMS alerts about various updates, festivals, special occasions, membership expiry and renewal, transactions, and overdue. You can also get daily summaries and reports. The software can offer bulk SMS and its gateway integration.  

Lead Management 

This swim club management software can be used to manage and streamline leads for swimming clubs. From following up on leads, assigning leads, and sending out SMS to converting leads to customers, this swim club software has functionality for everything. 

Target Setting

This is essential for your health and fitness regime. This software plans frames, and assigns swimming routines to every member. Depending on the fitness goals, it also changes and sets a new routine for the user. 

Staff Management

Just like members, this software can track the attendance, entry, and exit times of staff and coaches. It also helps to provide accurate access based on the staff's roles. 

Safe Backup

Not only access and monitoring, this software also provides safe data backup and secured version updates. You can receive monthly updates and version updates seamlessly. 

Versatility in Use 

The swim school management software is versatile and can be seamlessly used through its mobile app. Operational in both Android and iOS, the app comes with enhanced UI, easy and convenient access, and security. 

Enjoy seamless membership and operational management with FitBoat's swim school software. 

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Engage in a fitness journey and enjoy the versatility of FitBoat's Swimming Club software. Use this software to see how the business evolves. 

Integrate this FitBoat swimming pool business software and participate in the systematic coaching sessions. 

Why Choose FitBoat as a Swimming Club Software Partner? Here are the insights. 

The FitBoat swimming pool management system effectively streamlines the business, tracks and analyzes growth, and engages existing and new members. 

The software is functional in delivering automated notifications and alerts to various end users. 

Automated SMS Alert

FitBoat software for swimming is programmed to send members automated notifications about membership renewal and expiry. It also sends relevant club updates about time and day and generic festival wishes.

Offers to Inactive Members

This app is programmed to send customized plans and lucrative offers to inactive members and new leads. This helps the business transform leads into customers and sensitize dormant members. 

FitBoat is known for providing links that various businesses can paste on their websites or social media platforms to facilitate enrolment. Data will be fed once the enrollment is complete to facilitate easy membership integration.

Inquiry Link 

Interested customers can fill out the inquiry link posted on various websites. FitBoat will seamlessly paste the data extracted from the inquiry form into the Lead Management System.

QR Code for Enquiry Generation

The software even generates a QR code for membership integration. People can scan the code, fill in the form, and proceed with membership. 

FitBoat is an expert in understanding the trends and insights of the swimming club business. It essentially facilitates the acceptance of membership payments, management of payment modes, and analysis of membership volumes. 

Trending Memberships

By tracking the trend of fitness and health goals, you can analyze which customized plan is gaining acceptance and popularity. The software publishes and prioritizes those plans, catering to the business needs. 

Web Traffic Flow 

The FitBoat software and app help track the maximum member flow time. This helps to understand the peak hours so that events can be planned and scheduled accordingly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

FitBoat software for swimming club management provides free data migration. It usually takes about 24-48 hours. 

Yes, absolutely. The door access control is entirely compatible with FitBoat. 

The ESSL K 30 Biometric model is compatible with FitBoat, as are the ESSL X990 and F22 models. 

Once the FitBoat swimming management software is activated, a dedicated helpdesk will resolve all queries and concerns. The helpdesk will be active from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. You can raise a query, send an email, or even connect over the phone. 

FitBoat has five years of experience in the health and wellness business. 

Data is 100% safe and secured with FitBoat. The company has a privacy policy talks more about data privacy and security. 

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Jagu of Sky Swim Centre states it is the most straightforward and easiest-to-use application for his business.


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Vithylya of V2 Swimming Centre acknowledges that restricting unauthorized members was challenging until FitBoat existed. 


Sky Swim centre

Swetha from H2O Swim Centre is happy to share that she seamlessly handles her business through the FitBoat Swim Management app.


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Povina from Ponsh Swim Academy appreciates the app's member management functionality. She admits that her fitness business is running smoothly and growing with this FitBoat swimming software for coaches. 


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