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Manage Members

Designed as the best pilates studio software, FitBoat enables an integrated membership management system. The software allows you to control check-ins, update member profiles, review membership, check history, and record class attendance.

SMS Alerts

FitBoat software for your wellness center enables automated text messages and email notifications to your customers as and when required. Notifying members about their upcoming appointments and sending important communication can minimize no-shows in your studio.

Biometric Integration

With FitBoat pilates scheduling software, your members can enjoy the convenience of checking in. You can also access dedicated reports for accessible invoicing entrances in the studio. The software enables better access control through RFID cards and finger scan integration.

Handle from Mobile App

FitBoat pilates management software facilitates improved control of your health club on the go with its state-of-the-art mobile accessibility. This enables you to manage your studio's activities from anywhere, anytime. It also empowers your members to book classes, renew their membership, and access all information about the fitness club from their smartphones or tablets.

Manage Leads

With the FitBoat software designed to manage your pilates studio, you can generate more leads, use sales tools, and track business performance. This studio management software lets you capture leads from various sources, including social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or your website.

Generate a Pilates Based Diet Plan

A good diet plan supports a workout, and FitBoat software can facilitate this process for your members. The software can help dieticians or personal pilates trainers prepare and share customized diet plans with your clients, who can access them on their chosen devices.

Create a Pilates Workout Plan

Members seek workout plans at Pilates studios to help them stay tuned to their fitness goals. FitBoat Pilates management software can smoothly assign workout plans to your members. Based on members' specific fitness needs, the software can aid in scheduling workout sessions, durations, and equipment.

Safe Backup

FitBoat prioritizes security and safe storage of all studio-related data. The Pilates studio management software provides daily backup to ensure that your data, including member profiles, financial data, reports, and all other important information, is safeguarded from third parties or crooks.

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Reasons Businesses Trust FitBoat Pilates Scheduling Software As the Handiest Studio Manager

From tracking member attendance and preventing unregistered members from entering your Pilates studio to managing invoices and controlling overall activities, the automated management system on FitBoat software can offer seamless and convenient access to your studio.

RFID Cards

Facilitates member and staff attendance marking in the Pilates studio with a card or keychain so they do not have to enter details manually when entering or exiting the center.

Finger or Face Scan

Allows clients and staff to mark attendance with finger or face scan on biometric devices.

Tracking your Pilates studio's performance is easy with FitBoat software. Its specialized reporting tools can help you monitor your revenue sources, maximize client acquisition, nurture relationships, manage inventory, and more.

App Support

Run reports, get instant access to payroll, and smoothly track overall business aspects to make smarter decisions.

Data Sheets and Graphs

You can save and access bulk data in graphs and sheets for quick reference, enabling accurate information storage and reducing manual reporting efforts.

Ease payments for your members in the Pilates studio with online payment facilities on FitBoat software. These transactions are automatically recorded in the management software, eliminating the burden of manual invoicing by wellness center staff.

Eased Price Setting

With FitBoat software, you can choose the membership types you want to sell to your Pilates clients and easily set prices for online purchasers.

Computerized Invoice Generation

FitBoat software facilitates the automated creation of member profiles in your management system, from self-registration online to purchasing membership services at your Pilates studio. 



Frequently Asked Questions

The Pilates software from FitBoat can automate your administrative tasks, including scheduling sessions and billing management. It can also provide necessary data collection and analysis support to help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your business. Moreover, it can enhance your members' overall Pilates experience at your studio.

Pilates studio software is easy to implement and is highly user-friendly for you and your team. Built with an intuitive interface, this centralized software offers solutions that can meet all your studio management needs hassle-free.

FitBoat software has been designed to be highly secure. We use the latest encryption technology to protect all client data. Members' personal information is kept secure as long as they are associated with our Pilates club and, after that, deleted when no longer required.

Yes, with the help of our expert backend team, your pilates club's data can be easily migrated, integrated, and uploaded as required into the FitBoat online pilates studio management software.

Yes, FitBoat software for your Pilates studio can be customized. We believe every business is unique, whether USPs or working mechanisms. Hence, our software is designed to fit your business needs seamlessly.

Yes, FitBoat software is built to enable the growth of your Pilates studio. The software supports the management of multiple operational tasks across different locations, enhancing your business operations from a unified platform.

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FitBoat is my go-to pilates studio management software. The cutting-edge features have made managing my fitness center much easier than I thought it would. I have successfully managed over 4 pilates centers from my home.


555 Pilates studio

The QR portal on the FitBoat software has been a game changer for my fitness business. Now, I can schedule sessions within a few seconds. Managing attendance, planning events, and sending notifications to studio members and instructors are just a click away.


Tai Pilates Academy

One of the best Pilates studio software, FitBoat, has pleasantly surprised me with its integrated app. My team also keeps thanking me so they can focus on planning training, researching, and discussing diet and workout sessions with clients rather than spend hours managing the operations at the fitness club.


Star Pilates

Our membership retention rates have escalated with the Pilates booking studio from FitBoat. Clients highly talk of our studio's professional management capabilities, all thanks to FitBoat.


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