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Manage Membership

Members are central to your fitness business. The FitBoat martial arts club management software enables managing member registrations at your club. The software can help you build member retention strategies, track attendance, and pay fees.

SMS Alerts

FitBoat martial arts management software has been designed to facilitate freely personalized communication with members. You can send them text notifications to update them with your latest events, class schedules, etc.

Biometric Integration

Manual check-ins and check-outs are passé. As the best martial arts software, FitBoat facilitates the biometric authentication of members at your fitness studio, allowing members to enter and exit studios conveniently.

Handle from Mobile App

With FitBoat martial arts membership software, you can supervise every activity at your studio with a finger touch, thanks to its compatibility with smartphones and tablets. Your members can also reserve classes, pay bills, track work, and view attendance history via the app.  

Manage Leads

Whether capturing leads from your website or social media platforms, nurturing leads with follow-ups, engaging with leads across multiple platforms, or analyzing critical information on leads, FitBoat software can organize leads and prioritize opportunities for your martial arts club.

Generate Diet Plan

Intake of a balanced diet is indispensable for martial arts trainees. With FitBoat martial arts business software, you can share personalized diet plans with your members. The automatic meal planner makes it easy to generate balanced menus that are on par with nutritional standards.

Generate Practice Routine

Practice and regularity are crucial to developing flawless martial arts skills. FitBoat Martial Arts studio allows an easy calendar setting for clients and instructors. The unified software facilitates single appointments, group bookings, etc., across multiple studios and time zones.

Safe Backup

Member data is centric on your business initiatives and expansion. FitBoat facilitates data backup in your cloud database servers. The software enables real-time updates to ensure the security of your client and all other business-related data.

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FitBoat makes management of your martial arts studio smooth, simple, and appealing.


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FitBoat-Martial Arts

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Streamline your fitness business with boosted revenue generation and time-saving FitBoat software. 

What Drives Businesses to FitBoat Martial Arts Gym Software

FitBoat's biometric authentication methods ensure improved security and offer a seamless experience to studio owners and clients. They can also restrict unauthorized access to your martial arts studio and enable attendance tracking, offering better control of your studio.

Fingerprint or Face Scan

Prevent trespasses from gatecrashing into your martial arts studio with fingerprint and face scan features on FitBoat software.

Access Card

With biometric integration on FitBoat software, your members can use their RFID cards to enter and exit your martial arts facility.

FitBoat allows businesses to test the software without making any investment. The free martial arts software is designed with intuitive features that make it simple and easy to use. You can order a demo session for free to see how the software benefits your business needs.

Smart Tools

You can try out student belt testing at your business with automated systems on FitBoat software, which are available for demonstration.

Cost-Time Management

Get a glimpse into how FitBoat can reduce costs, retain more students with less manual effort, and open newer revenue-boosting opportunities without extra time investment.

Customer retention is integral to growing your business. With our martial arts members management software, retaining members at your studio is no longer challenging. With our software's cutting-edge retention tools, you can build loyal customers.

Automated Communication

The martial arts studio app can consolidate all business services into a single accessible platform, send push notifications, and automated email communication to members.

Progress Tracker

FitBoat's data collection, analysis, and automated grading tools can keep members motivated and engaged, from managing member's martial arts ranks and levels to ensuring their progress recognition.   

FitBoat-Martial Arts


Frequently Asked Questions

FitBoat martial arts billing software stores data in the cloud, enabling smooth and secure accessibility. You do not have to download anything on your computers, nor do you fear losing data.

Yes, the FitBoat martial arts studio software enables the acquisition of reviews from members, ensuring greater brand visibility and enhancing opportunities for attracting new prospects.

Yes, FitBoat software ensures 100% safety and security. It supports the highest security standards to ensure that all financial data, member profiles, and transaction details are safeguarded, encrypted, and stored securely.

FitBoat streamlines the registration process. It can integrate memberships, assign ID cards, automate payments, and facilitate user-friendly point-of-sale, driving customer convenience, experience, and satisfaction.

FitBoat provides an automated grading system to accredit your members' learning martial arts at the studio, with ranks and levels based on their performance.

Yes, through the FitBoat software, you can easily send individual clients SMS and emails with different kinds of alerts, including bookings, cancellations, event updates, etc. 

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 I can't imagine my martial arts studio running without the handy FitBoat software. It helps me cover everything needed to run my fitness center smoothly. Whether gaining leads or maintaining membership records, the suave automation services make this software worth installing.


Vivega Arts Studio

FitBoat has resolved my challenges of managing multiple martial arts studios. It has helped me handle both online and offline training sessions from anywhere, anytime.


D&D Studio

The fantastic support from FitBoat always compels me to recommend that people try FitBoat martial arts gym software. The app is undoubtedly efficient.


Star Studio

A fantastic app, FitBoat martial arts software, is the best I could lay my hands on. Since we started using FitBoat for our business, we haven't experienced any payment delays. Plus, our customers have been applauding the seamless studio experience.


Jitsu Combat School


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