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Boost your fitness venture with power-packed FitBoat's best Yoga Studio Management Software. Take business growth and management to the next level. 

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FitBoat's Yoga Studio Management Features for Operational Excellence 

Features that matters to you

Membership Management and Operation

Accentuate the yoga studio software experience with refined and well-structured membership management. Happy members come with appreciation, positive word of mouth, and referrals. Augment the business revenue by streamlining pleasant and seamless experiences of the members.

Yogic Diet Plan

Soul-satisfying and wellness nutrition are essential and amplify the benefits of yoga sessions. The FitBoat software yoga studio app generates a balanced and nutritious diet plan based on the Ayurvedic principles of sattva, purity, and ahimsa, or non-violence. 

Wholistic Yoga Regimen 

Streamlining of requirement-specific yoga regime for members. They can see and understand the yoga routine on the best yoga studio software app and practice accordingly. Members can work on customized or generic full-body yoga asanas for holistic benefits.

SMS Notifications

We ensure membership-related notifications through SMS, bulk SMS, and Own Gateway notifications for seamless usage and renewal processes. The software also generates alerts for transactions, overdue, daily and monthly health reports, and wishes for festivals and occasions. 

Biometric Integration 

The mechanism of biometric integration offers hassle-free door access control to all the members. It is secure, convenient, easy to analyze, user-friendly, and time-saving. This yoga class management software records the check-in and check-out of members accurately. 

Mobile-App Usage

Both Android and iOS users can operate the mobile app of the Yoga business management software seamlessly. With an enhanced UI, the mobile app helps to publish data on member applications, pending collections, monthly expenses, and lead generation.

Lead Management 

Focus on a streamlined lead generation and management process that FitBoat's yoga studio software offers. You can assign, and follow-up leads through this yoga booking software and seamlessly convert leads to customers. You can also communicate with leads through SMS and email. 

Safe and Secured Backup 

Data safety is the utmost priority of the yoga studio software. Regular updates and a safe backup process make FitBoat's software a secure workspace. Every day at 2 am, the latest backup is auto-mailed to the user's registered email ID. 

Augment yoga studio membership and operational excellence with FitBoat's yoga business software. 

With promising  Yoga Studio Management software features, Fitboat takes the fitness portal to the next level.


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Features that Make FitBoat's Yoga Studio Management Stand Out

Unique features


Retain members with promising offers

Customized nutritious, balanced diet plans

Well-integrated mobile app 

Daily backups and secure, confidential data

Monthly health and fitness reports.

24/7 support system

Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free yoga studio management and operation and make your business evolve.

Adapt to the business functionalities of FitBoat's yoga studio business software. Experience remarkable growth in your fitness portal. 

Choose FitBoat and Flourish your Health and Wellness Business: Here's Why 

FitBoat empowers all small, medium, and large fitness business ventures to operate excellently. 

FitBoat is specialized in automating the process of notifications at the time of renewals. It alerts upcoming and highlights the names whose renewals are overdue. 

Automated SMS Alert

The fitness software sends membership renewal alerts in advance through SMS.

Offers to Inactive Members

The software even customizes and sends lucrative offers and promising discounts to inactive and dormant members, making them join again. 

Be it your small fitness venture or a fully functional gym, this software by Fitboat offers amazing features for all. The software provides an inquiry link that can be put up on the website and social media portals for seamless enrolment. 

Add Enquiry Link

Adding an inquiry link on the business website lets you extract data from the form and send it to FitBoat's Lead management system. 

QR Code Integration

The software provides a QR code that customers can scan and fill in as an inquiry form. This data is automatically entered into FitBoat's Lead management system. 

FitBoat assists in tracking the venture and assessing its revenue and growth. From member traffic flow to payment analytics, everything is monitored.

Trending Memberships 

The yoga membership management software by FitBoat gives a fair idea of the trending membership plans at your location. It helps you to focus on plans as per the business requirements. 

Member Traffic 

This yoga studio scheduling software analyzes the traffic flow, which helps you decide on events and their schedules.  Adhere to the features and compliances of the FitBoat yoga studio management software and see how the start-up venture grows and achieves business milestones. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the door access control is compatible with FitBoat's yoga studio management software. You can operate an 'open door' button in the software to unlock the yoga studio door through the software's mobile app. 

The data from the old FitBoat yoga studio management software is migrated to FitBoat yoga studio management software in about 24-48 hours, depending on the volume of data. This migration is free of cost.

Keeping data safe is FitBoat's top priority. The data stored in FitBoat's yoga studio management software is 100 percent secure. For more details and clarity, refer to the software's privacy policy.

FitBoat's yoga studio management software has a dedicated support staff that works Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm. Users can raise queries, call, or email them for quick resolution. 

FitBoat has a professional experience of 5 years in this space. 

Yes, the ESSL K30 Biometric Model is compatible with FitBoat, as are other biometric models, such as the ESSL X990 and F22. 

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A Lifestyle studio owner appreciates the user-friendly feature of downloading invoices. 


Vedha Yoga Center

FitBoat's business data management versatility has left yoga studio owners, health coaches, and fitness influencers in awe. People are amazed to manage their complete businesses seamlessly from a mobile device. 


Lifestyle Studio

Yoga enthusiasts have also praised the trendy, modern, and functional UI. The software's upgrades, customized plans, and 24/7 dedicated support team have become popular.


Shiv Yoga Studio

Users feel it is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-install yoga studio management software. 


Life Yoga Center


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